The Root of Your Pain

When we ignore the root of our pain and how they began in the first place, our soul cries out for pain relief and healing even more. Our pain cries out for attention and this can cause us to spiral out of control. Spiraling out of control can lead to negative behaviors or habits and even makes us sink into depression. For me, I think spiraling out of control, whether it is a bad habit and behavior or depression is all just our mind masking the real issue and distracts us from the root of our pain. It is important for you to heal and feel whole. The journey of finding the root of your pain will mean that you address your past issues. Addressing your past issues may be painful for you and your family because you may have to involve your family to give an account of your childhood and things you may have forgotten. The purpose of this blog is to get you on that journey of finding the root of your pain.

Neglected Pain

Life goes on but our issues become compounded because of neglected pain. Neglected pain can be so compounded to the point we sometimes forget if we are at this broken place because of the initial root of our pain or other life circumstances. We’ll try to get help through attention seeking behaviors and every other way except the straightforward way. Of course, the straightforward way is to get professional help. Instead of getting the help we distract ourselves. You know the issue with this whole distraction thing, is that it usually leads us to painful situations that hurt us even more. We need healing, awareness, and help. When we don’t know what the root of our pain is we distract ourselves with bad relationships, bad habits, and turmoil. It’s like we’re begging for an opportunity to be heard and get help. But, instead we sink deeper into issues because we refuse to address the root of our pain.

Addressing the Root of Your Pain

Be ready to accept what you discover about yourself, about your hurt and about what has been stunting your emotional growth. Once you address what the root of your pain is, it will no longer have power over you. Addressing the root of your pain is not an endeavor or journey I would suggest you take on alone. Get a therapist who is trained in such matters. The reason is that you may experience extreme emotional pain and will need someone to monitor you for safety. You will need someone to process this discovery with. In a past blogs Meditation and Depression, I give tips on fighting depression using meditation. These are some interventions you can use while also going through therapy.


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