The Letter Every Mother Needs to Read

In the Merriam Webster dictionary, a mother is identified as a noun and a verb. As a noun, a mother is simply defined as a woman in relation to her children. When used as a verb mother is defined as giving birth to and/or bring up a child with care and affection.  From my experience, my definition of a mother is a woman entrusted with the impossible tasking of pouring out of herself into her children from the womb to the tomb. I know that until I am a mother I will never know what it takes to prepare for such a task, let alone live it out. So as a daughter I am simply writing this letter of thanksgiving dedicated to my mother in honor of Mother’s Day.

Letter to Mom:

Dear mom,

I want to thank you for so many things like giving me life, raising me and loving me. Beyond that, I thank you for pouring into your children but leaving room for God to fill and overflow in their lives. I adore you for showing love in the way you know how, and crying out to God from this place of love so He could translate it into our individual love languages. I admire you for providing for me (and all your children) to the best of your ability, and having a faith that allowed God to meet the rest of my needs. However, I want to praise you for being a praying mother. I know it took humility to say “God I can’t, but you can.” Coupled with strength beyond measure to trust that God would turn the trials of motherhood that seemed permanent and insurmountable into joyful testimonies.  

I find abundant joy knowing that you give motherhood you’re all. Simultaneously, I learn grace accepting that you are a human with finite emotional, financial and physical resources. So I praise you for having an outpouring of faith and reliance on an infinite God. Your diligent faith has planted a seed of faith in me on fertile ground and watered it. It has allowed me to cultivate a strong relationship and reliance on God. I know that this is why I am able to continue to grow into a strong woman of faith as well. So I thank God that he knit me in your womb and breathe purpose not perfection into our relationship. I admit I have made mistakes as a daughter and cast harsh judgment, and I apologize. I also ask that you would forgive the careless actions and words of a daughter learning to die to the flesh and be led by the Holy Spirit. May you always know that I thank you, praise you and love you.

To each and every mother out there, never forget that you are doing an amazing job. I pray you are having grace with yourself as your mind and your child attacks your efforts. I hope that you remember that God’s strength is perfected in your weaknesses. My hope is that you will continue to do the amazing things you do. Accept and admit that you are not perfect because perfection is overrated. Then, simply watch God pour out beyond measure into your life and the life of your children. Happy mother’s day!

If you are struggling to believe you are enough as a mother, here are some resource suggestions.

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