Hey sis! How have you been during this corona chaos? Are you thriving, coping or struggling due to this pandemic. Whatever you are dealing with right now, I pray you and your family stay in good health and that your financial needs are met. I also pray that your peace is protected during this time of chaos. In this blog, I will share tips for coping with the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 and maintain your sense of peace. So continue reading if you have been stressed and anxious due to COVID-19.

Focus on the Facts

There are so many tragic and vile stories circulating the internet about COVID-19. You wake up open Facebook and see a post about the rising number of cases and misinformation about how the disease is spread. Then on Instagram, you are faced with heart-wrenching true stories of unexpected COVID-19 related job loss and illness. Not to mention the countless news alerts. So now more than ever, social media can affect your mental health. This is especially true with the influx of COVID-19 posts. Stay informed with hype-free facts and accurate information about how COVID-19 is spread and how to prevent it. The best sources are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your county or state health department, or local hospital.  if you are feeling bombarded by stressful or false social media posts about COVID-19, also consider taking a social media break.  Doing what it takes to only focus on the facts will help you not to fuel the stress and anxiety of COVID-19.


Practice Self-care

Another important piece of coping with the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 is self-care. It can get so easy to get lost in the slump of isolation. Each day drags on the same as the day before. In the midst of it all, you lack all forms of social release or you wrap yourself in social isolation. We may not have control over a lot right now, but we have control over our wellbeing. Even though we are in quarantine, stay connected with close friends with apps like Zoom, Houseparty or FaceTime. I am the type of introvert that could spend this whole quarantine alone with Netflix and my  constant overthinking. So I know how important staying connected with close friends to is for helping to keep me sane! Outside of staying social, maintaining self-care is crucial for staying sane.  I don’t mean bougie self-care, but practical self-care like showering, keeping your home clean and disinfected and focusing on the positive. So each day refresh yourself by securing time for yourself, maintaining a balanced diet, staying active, and creating practical routines.


Lean into Your Faith

Not having any sense of control is the most difficult part of coping with the stress and anxiety of COVID-19.  When we feel like we have no control, we must lean into our faith. Personally, the emotionally difficult moments of my life have been the foundation of my relationship with God. I challenge you to ask God the hard questions bubbling up inside, cry out your desperate prayers, and seek God’s response through the Bible. Whatever you do just don’t let this pandemic, or anything, distance you from God! If you don’t know where to start, download the Bible App and get a cheap journal.  The Bible App has plans that focus on any and everything life might throw at you, including COVID-19. You can also stay connected by sharing prayer requests in the app. I also highly recommend journaling. The two forms of journaling that I enjoy are prayer journaling and life application journaling. Prayer journaling helps me to get real with God about the struggles of life that I am facing. This type of journaling is unstructured and it always provides me with a cathartic release and God’s compassionate ear. On the other hand, life application journaling is more structured. As I read my Bible, application journaling helps me to understand the context of the scripture better and apply. We may not have control during a time like this, but God is always in control and working all things out for our good.  


OVercome COVID-19 Stress


This pandemic is a stressful time, with various unique challenges. As always, this blog is based on my personal experience and what is working for me right now.  Take the time you need to process your emotions and truly grieve any losses. Cling to whatever sparks joy and peace for you and find a way to amply it during this time. Whatever your unique COVID-19 stress looks like, I truly believe there is hope for your unique situation.  If you suffer from severe mental illness or thoughts of suicide I want to encourage you to seek help today. Find a local therapist or contact the National Suicide Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-8255 or texting “START” to 741-741. A trained therapist can provide you with a diagnosis and help you develop an appropriate treatment plan.

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