Anxiety, depression, and stress disorders are all mental health issues that many may battle their whole life. Despite this, there are many ways to promote mental wellness and gain a sense of control. The key is to make gradual improvements to your way of thinking and your overall lifestyle. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways to start working through any mental health issues you might have.

Nourish Your Body

You are what you eat. So an easy step towards supporting mental wellness is to nourish your body. I’ve been there, binging on unhealthy takeaway foods and snacks. This, unfortunately, doesn’t fuel a healthy mind.  Try snacking on fresh snack-sized fruits like baby carrots or an apple. Ditch the juice and clean out your system by drinking lots of refreshing water each day. Another common culprit is sugar. Cut down on added sugar in your foods by checking your food labels for ingredients that rhyme with gross. Those are hidden added sugars. Excess sugar can impact our mood, health and energy levels. 

Try Natural Medicines

When I was working closely with a therapist and psychiatrist I tired prescription SSRIs but did not want to take medication forever. An alternative way to promote mental wellness is naturopathic supplements. There are many natural medicines that have been used for thousands of years for mood disorders. I have personally tried St. Johns Wort and Natrol 5-HTP. Some other popular options are Hemp CBD oil and essential oils. Of course, please consult with your doctors before making any changes.

Get Your Finances Organized

This might seem like a strange suggestion, but getting your finances organized could really help you to work through your mental health problems. It’s been observed that debt can lead to mental illness. The stress of feeling as if you’re struggling to simply cover your costs of living can have a detrimental impact on your mental state, and this only leads to a negative cycle which is hard to break. In fact, simply failing to track your expenses and manage your money can have a damaging effect on your mental wellness. Start small by creating a realistic budget and organizing upcoming bills for the month on your calendar. This can help you avoid the financial stress of late fees or being short on money for bills.

Keep good company

At the end of the day, the people around you have the biggest impact on your mental health. You shouldn’t rely on others for your own personal happiness, of course, but there’s no denying that your friends and family play a big part in the way you think and feel. That’s the case for everybody. If you associate with people who only bring you down then it’s time to create boundaries to protect your mental wellness. Also be intentional about spending time with friend and family that love and encourage you unconditionally. Simply being surrounded by people who genuinely care can have a tremendous impact.

As always, I truly believe there is hope for every unique situation, even yours. If you suffer from severe mental illness or thoughts of suicide I want to encourage you to seek help today. Find a local therapist or contact the National Suicide Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-8255 or texting “START” to 741-741. Also please remember to share your experience in the comments. You sharing may be the hope someone else needs.

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