Americans spend an average of eight hours at work each day. It would behoove each and every one of us to make our work environment a great space to work.  Not all workplaces are the same and everyone does not have an office or a cubicle at work. We are chefs, drivers, teachers, Dr.’s, Correctional Officers, social workers, but it doesn’t matter. In my last blog Depression In The Workplace, I talked about just that. In this blog, I will show you ways you can keep positive vibes at work, no matter where you work.


Steps to Uplift Your Mood and Create Positive Vibes at Work

Living with depression and having to interact with people can sometimes be a daunting work experience. Seriously, I think most people who live with depression will agree to be around people with all their expectations can drive you deeper into a hole. But rest assured there are some steps to uplift your mood, create positive vibes and tranquility and here are a few of them.


1. Music

I listen to music most of the day and it makes my day enjoyable and uplifts my mood tremendously. Each day my mood requires different nourishment.  I feed it with gospel, R&B, country, and oh my goodness I love, love, love a personal concert by Mariah Carey or Maxi Priest. No joke it’s something about the tone and quality of their voices that soothes my heart. There are lots of free music platforms out there but I mainly use YouTube and Amazon music which I pay for. As well as music, let me suggest listening to comedy as well. Humor and negative thoughts cannot share the same emotional space as noted in an article I read on WebMD. Personally, I love comedy and listen to replays of Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel on my commute home. Listening to comedy takes my mind off the traffic and helps me unwind before I get home.


2. Positive Images

Pictures of your loved ones, motivational quotes or artwork in a place you can appreciate them all day is a great reminder of reasons to live. I do not have pictures of my loved ones in my office but I do have a gratitude board, which is a huge whiteboard where my clients or coworkers write what they are most grateful for. The gratitude board is a constant inspiration to me and others who experience reading the board have commented that they too want to start something like that in their home. I have small encouraging notes to myself or short prayers for my friends written on yellow sticky notepaper on my bookshelf in my office. Having positive images to reflect on all day has a particularly powerful impact on enhancing positive emotions as suggested in this article

3. Declutter Your Space 

Now I don’t know about you but I cannot think straight in a disorganized environment. As soon as I wake up I make my bed, which sets the tone for my day PERIOD. Anyway, back to work. Doesn’t matter where you work or what you do, make your environment one which is inviting to be in. Whether you are driving for Uber, sitting in an office or cubicle, working in a restaurant or retail it is important to unclutter your space. Clutter has a profound effect on mood; the more stuff you have around you the more stress you feel. So how do you unclutter? Check out my sister’s blog How to Keep a Clean House While Depressed she shares some awesome tips and tricks for your home, which can also be applied to your workspace.

4. Positive Mindset

It all starts with you. All the aforementioned ways I have listed on this blog to create positive vibes at work are achievable. To achieve positive vibes at work you have to approach them with a positive mindset. Yes, you can be positive and depressed simultaneously. It may not feel like it because depression manifest differently for each person and everyone has their own experience.  Clinical Depression, Major Depressive Disorder, and Mild Depression are just a few, but ABSOLUTELY YES! you can have a positive mindset even when you are depressed; it’s called hope.  Implement one thing at a time, start with a little music or listening to comedy on your lunch break.  Come back and share your experience, let me know what if any of these suggestions work for you.  Depression is really hard to deal with alone, so please get professional help; you do not have to figure out how to feel normal again on your own. 

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If you suffer from severe mental illness or thoughts of suicide I want to encourage you to seek help today. Find a local therapist or contact the National Suicide Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-8255 or texting “START” to 741-741. A trained therapist can provide you with a diagnosis and help you develop an appropriate treatment plan. 

Before you leave, please don’t forget to comment below. Sharing your experience and what works for you may help others find a solution that works for them. Also, please share this post because you never know who in your circle may be struggling and may need to read this post for encouragement.

Meet the Author

Adenike is a 46-year-old Jamaican immigrant and a devoted single mother of one, whom she raised with a village in the absence of the father whom long aborted his responsibilities. She holds a Masters in Licensed Clinical Social Work, Bachelors in Social Work, Masters in Non-Profit & Association Management and a Licensed Practical Nursing degree.  From the outside, you wouldn’t know that behind the many accomplishments are experiences of trauma, PTSD and depression. Her experiences have uniquely shaped her and she has learned to appreciate each and every part of who she is and her journey. Now she wants to inspire you to do the same!


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