Hey sis my name is Brittani. Welcome to my blog Coore Lifestyle, a personal development blog that aims to inspire and encourage women to achieve optimal mental wellness. This blog was started by me and my older sister Adenike. We started this blog with a desire to help other women overcome the struggles and the stigma of depression by sharing our story. Our hope was to create a multigenerational, safe haven for women of color like us to discuss mental health and tips for mental wellness. This blog inspired my sister to pursue her passion of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now I carry the torch of sharing my truth with each of you on on the blog.  On Coore Lifestyle you can expect to find honest personal stories of trials that have been overcome, empathetic encouragement and experiential mental wellness tips. Keep reading to learn a bit more about me.

Who is Brittani?


I am a Certified Health Education Specialist working hard in the non-profit world to assess community health, manage health programs and analyze health data to promote optimal health in my community. I love what I do because it supports and empowers people to achieve and maintain a healthy life. However, what you can’t tell about me is  that behind my smile and ambition is trauma, years of depressive symptoms and the diagnoses of Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD and Anxiety. As a millennial I know what it feels like to go on social media and be bombarded with perfect selfies of perfect lives, and in a world of perfect I want to show others what imperfect looks and feels like behind the smile the world sees. With the help of Jesus, behavioral therapy, and coping skills, today I can proudly wear each diagnosis as a survival badge. Now I desire to empower other women affected by depression with the encouragement and tools that helped me to overcome. On the blog, I share my personal experience with depression and my journey towards healthy, authentic self-growth. Read my depression story.

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