When Life Gives You Lemons

Make the best out of even the worst circumstances. As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons you make lemonade”. It’s inevitable that we all experience negative circumstances in your lives. From the time we learn to walk, we have been making lemonade with our lemons. Each time we fell and got up again to walk is an example of learning from our mistakes or shortcomings. Imagine that even now, you get up again as you did when you were a baby. You get up and learn from your failures because it is your natural instinct to survive. Imagine you can do so much more when you are purposeful in your getting up and overcoming.  This blog is for those of us who are having challenges getting up after falling.

Your Lemons

Recently one of the great stories of triumph over a tragic situation is the shootings in many schools across America. Making lemonade from your lemons Groups of young people stood up and fought for a world they know they deserve.  Amidst the pain from the loss of their schoolmates and teachers students stood up and started a movement against the National Rifle Association and the United States Government. Of course it may have been easier to not start a movement, to sit quietly and wait for change. Instead these students from Parkland, Florida started a movement that became a national movement against gun violence. They made lemonade from their lemons.  Other example of using your lemons is of couples who are unable to conceive children and in turn become foster parents or adopt multiple children. What are some experiences which left you feeling vulnerable? Let’s take depression for example, in my sister Brittani’s case she blogged about her depression in Depression: My Story.  Brittani used her negative experience to enlighten and uplift others who are experiencing depression. There is power in your pain.


Despite the pain and suffering you may experience you can always find an outlet to turn things around. In order to begin this process you must change your perspective and not see yourself as a victim. Some examples of people who have turned their lemon into lemonade are:

Dr. Maya Angelou who was raped as a child and wrote “I Know Why the Caged bird Sings”

Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a reporter for being “unfit for TV” she used her experience and became a hugely popular daytime TV host and a millionaire at the age of 32, with her own talk show.

Vera Wang in search of a beautiful wedding dress decided to design her own, and you know how this story ends.

When bad things happen to you, or life doesn’t go your way, look outside yourself. See what you have learned from the experience and how you can either help someone never experience what you have experience.  When you have lemons in your life, ask yourself what did you learn and how can you move forward using that lesson. Your efforts do not have to be a movement or a book or a tv talk show. You will make your own lemonade and it will be enough.

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