Hey sis, it has been so long since I have been able to really chat with you. I know I wrote last year about taking a hiatus. I was hoping to end that hiatus in June and get back into my flow of blogging, but life didn’t happen that way. I am in a season of transition currently, but my previous season of life was characterized by busyness and high anxiety. This had me feeling overwhelmed, which made blogging difficult. However, it has also really helped me value rest and reflection. In this blog, I want to share what my hiatus has taught me and my vision for this blog moving forward.

Take a Hiatus from EVERYTHING that has You Feeling Overwhelmed

As I mentioned in a previous blog I had become very busy with work over the past year. Outside of work I challenged my self last year to socialize more, volunteer and to earn extra income side hustling. The combination of so much added to my plate had really left me with little to give to the blog. In addition to this, I am so proud to say that Adenike also had to take a hiatus from blogging to go back to school for counseling (congratulate her below for chasing her dreams in her 40s!). I am so proud, but managing a blog alone while working full-time is HARD. Especially with my extreme desire for perfectionism and to have a blog as amazing as everyone else’s (cue the comparison monster).

Outside of the busyness that life has tossed my way, I have also been facing internal battles. Last year, my living situation stripped away so much of my peace and exponentially contributed to my anxiety. Between work and home, I was feeling overwhelmed, unvalued, unheard and confused. Those feelings have consumed my thoughts and controlled my emotions. I so desperately just wanted to vanish and check-out of my life for even a moment of reprieve from my reality.  This was so scary because of my past experiences of feeling suicidal and depressed. Watching my anxiety and depression rise up and overwhelm me was so difficult. I was so afraid that those feelings invalidated my progress. But that was a lie from the enemy!

Understand WHY You are Feeling Overwhelmed

I know that I am at a healed place in my life because, compared to my past, this experience made me reflective rather than destructive. This experience made me challenge myself rather than give up on myself. This experience also made my vision for this blog clear and more realistic. Not everything in life will bring us happiness, peace or joy, but knowing what does is key. It is so important to use difficult moments to identify what needs to be added or subtracted to help restore our joy, peace, and happiness.  Personally, I have identified that my emotions are revealing my bodies need for rest and for change. At the end of last year, I conceded to my body’s needs. I took a break from most of my side hustling, I found a new place to live, accepted a job offer and  went on a needed vacation. I am also re-evaluating how I will be spending my non-work time moving forward and reevaluated what type of work environment I needed to help me thrive.

STOP Feeling Overwhelmed. Make a Change!

This brings me full circle from my blogging hiatus to have a clear vision for this blog. This blog is something I do out of passion and purpose. Passion for helping women the way I needed help and purpose for using the pain I have overcome to help others. I do not want this passion project to contribute to me feeling overwhelmed. To achieve this, I have realized that I need to ditch perfection, ditch strategy, and just blog. I want to openly share the things in my life that have given me joy, peace, and happiness (my faith, financial discipline, cognitive behavioral therapy and more). I also want to transparently share the pain that I had to endure, overcome and reflect in order to grow. As I make room for restoration of the joy, peace and happiness peace in my life I know it will help create room for me to better invest in this passion.

Until next time, I want to close by challenging you to really tap into the reflection and the rest you need to overcome the low you are currently experiencing sis. Then I want you to see how you can use it for a purpose greater than yourself.


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