Valentine’s Day can be a day of waiting and stressing about who is going to profess their love for you. That’s not all; Valentine’s Day can bring the stress of not only waiting to see who is going to profess their love for you but also how their love will be expressed. If and when you get a gift or some kind of expression of love then it will be analyzed. You’ll ask yourself was the gift good enough, cost enough? And what quality of reciprocal love does the gift warrant. STOP IT! Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to validate your worth. Validate your worth every day of the year. In this blog, I’m going to show you a couple ways to validate your worth on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Build a Life That You Love

Don’t give away your power and your responsibility for your happiness. This is what you’re doing when you wait for people to validate your worth. Depending on someone else for love sets you up to be devastated when they leave. Start owning your inner and outer beauty. Learn to compliment yourself without feeling guilty. Don’t believe it when people say loving yourself, self-love, and self-care is arrogant. Read my post Journey to Self- Love. Validate your worth and build a life that you love by focusing on your character.  Build a life that you love by enjoying activities with your family and friends. Do not wait for a proverbial Knight in shining armor to explore life and to be happy. Build a life that you love and shine from the inside out. Your inner beauty will attract all kinds of positivity in your life.

Let Your Light Shine

Here are ways to let your light shine.  My son’s kindergarten class made cards and parents donated Valentine’s candy. The teachers would randomly distribute the cards and candy to the kids, this way everyone got something special from a friend. This was a great exercise in letting your light shine. You can practice how to let your light shine too; with small acts of kindness. Some ways I do this is I take my son and a friend or 2 to the movies, braid hair for my friend’s kids, I share tea packets or Keurig coffee pods with coworkers and I keep candy on my desk and motivational quotes in my office for all to see. I have people who in return share with me as well. When I receive random gifts I feel good because it’s an unexpected act of kindness.  You will receive light when you let your light shine.

Focus on Your Character

When you improve your inner self by building a life that you love and letting your light shine, you focus on character. Being and doing good becomes more important than just looking good. Focusing on your character, makes you feel good from the inside. Focusing and improving your character brings joy. The benefits of joy are that you will become more confidence and your joy will make you shine way beyond the temporary happiness that things can give. No person or material thing can give you joy. Highlighting your outer person brings temporary happiness. Happiness comes when you are loved; joy comes when you love others.

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