January has ended and for many of us, so has working on our goals for the New Year. You initially made the goal because there was something so important to you it warranted becoming a goal.  What happened in the past 30 days? Falling off the wagon is easier than staying the course. It’s time for you to get back on track: don’t give up on your goals. I know this all too well. Before January I was going to the gym and working out five days a week. Exercise is important to me because it keeps my mind clear, elevates my endorphins and improves my mood. However, December and January were so busy for me, I stopped working out.  In this blog, I will show you how to get back on track and not give up on your goals.

What happened in the past 30 days? Falling off the wagon is easier than staying the course. It's time for you to get back on track: don't give up on your goals.|Depression| Mental Health Awareness| Encouragement| Empowerment| Motivation| Anxiety| Self-Help| Coping Skills|Mental Health Advocacy| #BlackBloggersUnited| #Depression| #BlackMentalHealthMatters

Get Back On Track

One of my personal goals for 2018 was to keep on exercising, but boy was that a joke. It’s like the universe turned against me. December was cold and January was extra cold and I was so busy that I never went to bed on time. The extra cold and being busy made it impossible for me to get up at 4 am, resulting in the start of my ungoal. Yes, that’s my word, UNGOAL, which is the undoing of a goal or a goal in reverse. Every morning I promised myself tomorrow I’m going to start and so on until now. Today I have a plan to get back on track because my health is important to me. Exercise is important to me. Exercise is my medicine; it boosts my endorphins and puts me in a positive mood. My reason for my goal is my mental health, so I have to get back on track for my health’s sake. In one of my earlier blogs (Lord, Just Give Me the Emotional Strength)I talk about getting the strength to do what is important to you. Don’t give up on your goals. Get up, get back on track and reach your goal.

Write Your Goals Again

Rewrite your goals and place it in a visible spot. Writing your goal keeps you focused. Now that your goal is visible, write down steps to achieve your goal. You must also set a timeline of markers to let you know you’re headed towards your goal.  Markers are a good way of letting you know you are on the right path to achieving your goal. Markers are points to celebrate you staying on course. Don’t give up on your goals, keep going until you succeed.  It was important enough to become a goal, so it’s worth the effort to get back on track.

Achieve Your Goals

Don’t give up on what’s important to you because it only fuels your depression. When you prove to yourself that you can reach your goals it is a larger statement than just the goal itself.  Achieving goals gives you a sense of accomplishment and builds your self- esteem. It shows you, you are able to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Achieving your goals empowers you to make other goals. When you achieve your goals it makes you believe in yourself. Achieving your goals is a positive step in shining light on the darkness of depression. People who battle depression are extraordinary and we must take extraordinary steps to achieve extraordinary goals. Don’t give up on your goals, and don’t give up on yourself. Start again tomorrow. Write your goal and put it where you see it every day. Write your steps, set markers, TAKE ACTION. Don’t give up!



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