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The Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure of any affiliate links. Some of our links on the Coore Lifestyle website are links to purchase products that we recommend or that are highly reviewed. If any reader decides to make a purchase through the link we provide, we may receive some compensation. There is no additional cost to any of our readers, but instead it is compensation from the company as a “Thank you” for referring people to products or services that they provide.

At Coore Lifestyle as a promise to ours readers, we promise to only promote products and services that we believe may help improve your quality or life. We will never promote a product or service just to sell a product to our readers. If we use a the link, you can rest assured we have researched it, love it and believe it can help improve your quality of life.

If you do decide to make a purchase through one of our links, I would like you to know that we greatly appreciate your help. Our blog revenues allow us to maintain our blog in order to empower women, like ourselves, that have been affected by depression, and helps us to have extra income to pay off debt and relieve financial stress.



Privacy Policy

We also promise that anywhere you enter your email on our website is for our internal use only. We will never sell or gain anything in trade for your private information. We will never sell email addresses to an outside company so they can use it for their business. A full email, especially full of spam is so stressful and overwhelming. We do not want to add any form of stress to your life, no one likes a full inbox of spam emails.

We promise to only use your email to give you the information that we think our readers want. If at anytime you wish to unsubscribe, we understand that sometimes one extra email is one too many. I hope that you still continue to follow our blog as we strive to provide quality content to our readers.

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